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Digital Asset Management

Your organization creates digital media assets — photos, videos, audio, and publications — in the course of its communications initiatives. Generating these assets is expensive, and re-using them is more cost effective than creating new ones. DAM will help your organization reduce labor, shorten production times and reduce licensing costs. We can help. 



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Establish consistent workflows that ensure digital assets are added to your DAM in a uniform manner. This process specifically defines how files are handled, renamed, annotated and uploaded to the DAM.


We set up and maintain redundant backups of all of your assets stored in your DAM in separate cloud storage solutions. Best practices dictate three identical copies of each asset: two backups in addition to your DAM, providing maximum protection of the assets in which you’ve invested.

Our automated processes allow you to “set it and forget it.” When an asset is added to your DAM, it’s copied automatically to backup storage in cloud storage accounts you own.


Metadata, simply put, is data about data. In this case it’s data about your digital assets, and it’s how we make it easy for your organization to search for and retrieve digital assets. We identify the language used in your organization to design a taxonomy — standard keywords that are used by the organization to locate digital assets. Access control policies dictate who can view and consume specific assets.


We help annotate your assets as they are populated into your DAM. Utilizing a combination of human-verified artificial intelligence and manual labor, we add metadata to your assets based on your taxonomy.


We help author policies for workflow, naming conventions, user management, rights management, metadata best practices and asset retention. We periodically review your DAM administration and report statistics and make recommendations for improvement.

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As a former member of PhotoShelter's management team, our principal and co-founder is an expert in Libris' capabilities and API which allows for customization and expansion based on your needs.